Blast Off with the Planet 316 Launch!

Welcome to Planet 316, a place for faith, family and fun.

We are so excited to finally launch It has been quite an amazing journey. – Several years ago we looked around at the digital media landscape and realized there was a void of faith-based media, especially computer games. This got the wheels turning. How can we integrate faith and education in a fun way?

Planet 316 co-founders circa 1999

Tony Fouts and Jeff Dotson, co-founders of Planet 316, developing the first Charlie Church Mouse game with their young daughters in tow, circa 1999.

Many of you may be familiar with Charlie Church Mouse, he’s the mouse that started it all! From a humble beginning in an attic Charlie Church Mouse was paramount in bringing a new form of faith-based learning and entertainment to children. Charlie became a success, even being featured on the front page of the Wall Street Journal. We knew we had something special. Kids could actually be excited about learning and discovery.  Between a television show and three unique computer games, catering to children ages 2 – 8, we realized that the surface had only just been scratched.

Now with games like Super Bible Trivia, there is something for the whole family. In this game you have over 1,000 Bible based trivia questions to challenge your knowledge. It’s great for family night, because the questions engage and teach the Bible. And as a bonus, the game show Host is really funny.

I know many parents who LOVE match three gaming. If that’s you then definitely check out Bible Gems: Journey Through Genesis. It’s a match three game with a twist. Completing levels reveals the timeless stories of Genesis with amazing art and dramatic narration.

For those who like word games, you’re in for a treat. Match wits alongside King Solomon, the wisest man in history. In King Solomon’s Word Challenge you help build the Temple by solving word puzzles. Plus. There a myriad of rewards and achievements. Word games are timeless, and we feel this one is really special.

This is just the beginning of an amazing journey. Hop on board and join us as we take faith infused media to a new level. We look forward to serving you and your family.

- Planet 316 Team